A large number library reaching 10{1000}10 in Bower's operator notation.
For the code, you can find it here, and you can clone, or copy and paste it, or install via npm to use it.
For smaller numbers, use other libraries such as:

How it works

This library works by storing the sign and an array.
The sign is either 1 or -1, positive or negative respectively.
Array holds the magnitude; Array [n0,n1,n2,n3...] represents:
...(10↑3)n3(10↑↑)n2(10↑)n1n0 Learn what it means
Therefore, [23.2352,2,6,0,1,4] represents (10↑5)410↑4(10↑↑)6(10↑)223.2352, which without parenthesis becomes 10↑510↑510↑510↑510↑410↑↑10↑↑10↑↑10↑↑10↑↑10↑↑10↑10↑23.2352. Using LaTeX, I can sort of expands into decimal. To reduce lag, I will put the source code here. You can copy them in somewhere to see.

Yeah, that's enormous.


You can find the full document here.

Known bugs

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String or Array to big number

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Arbiturarly code execution();
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